Port Authority Holds 2020 Organizational Meeting

Mattabbott Portauthority

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — The Zanesville Muskingum County Port Authority has held its yearly organizational meeting to begin 2020.

The meeting, held in the lower level of the Welcome Center in downtown Zanesville, set the tone for the Authority’s decisions for the next eleven and a half months.

“Some strategies that are going to be inputted for 2020 and some of our areas of focus are going to be the National Road Business Park and the development of that. We hope to have that project be bid out by the first quarter of this year as well as some infrastructure upgrades that are slated to take place at the EastPointe Business Park for a water project as well as a road project that will be taking place there, so we hope to have these out in the first quarter of this year,” says Matt Abbott, Executive Director of the Port Authority.

Abbott says I-70 and the workforce of Muskingum County are its two major attributes.

“The National Road Business Park is one that’s going to set our community apart from a lot of other communities. That’s going to give us opportunities to locate new companies, recruit new companies to come into our community. You know, we’re already getting some attention with that property and we have since the purchase of it, so we’re excited for what’s to come in 2020,” he added.

The Port Authority is closely watching construction plans for the rebuild of I-70 in downtown Zanesville.

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