Pottery a Family Affair

One Southern Ohio man has made his love of pottery a family affair.

Ray Storer has been a potter for 45 years. His buisness Grandpa’s Pottery has allowed him to share his love of the craft with his family.

“My wife glazes,” said Storer. “Our son Brook and our daughter-in-law Amy they help us too. They’re both very good potters.”

Storer taught himself how to create pottery and became an art teacher, sharing his skills with he students. Now Storer concentrates on a few certain pieces that are more than just nice to look at.

“I always do the heart on top, and talk about moms pouring out their love,” he said. “I like to build symbolism into the pottery and make several different things with the symbolism like the heart, the mom’s love.”

Storer says Ohio is the best clay-producing state in the United States. He says this area of Ohio is known as the mother of pottery–and he says he’s glad to live near it.

“Oh, I love it,” he said. “I hope I can do pottery until the day I die.”

Storer showed off his skills today at the Roseville/Crooksville Pottery Festival.

Grandpa’s Pottery is located in Wilmington, Ohio, where another art and pottery festival takes place. This year, the Wilmington Art and Pottery Festival will take place at the Roberts Centre July 31 and August 1.

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