Raines a Write-In Candidate for Zanesville City Auditor

Dale Raines
Dale Raines

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — A former city Budget & Finance Director is running as a write-in candidate for Zanesville City Auditor.

An election season twist: so is his opponent. The political rarity has people around the Y-City talking.

“I believe I have the qualifications for the job based on my experience working with city finances. My opponent does not have any government financial experience,” Dale Raines tells WHIZ News.

Raines says one part of the Auditor’s job to always keep in mind is to not be overly optimistic on positive fiscal days.

“Not to be overexhuberant when it’s up. ‘Oh, boy! We’ve got all this money!’ Because there’s going to be a down, and when you’re on a down you know it’s going to come back. But you have to live within your budget. So those were some of the things, really, the roller coaster part of it. Also, I had other responsibilities, dealing with employees’ insurance; that’s always fun, health insurance. Union contracts, those were always an interesting process,” he says.

In August, WHIZ News interviewed Raines’ opponent, Andrew Body.

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