River View Track to States

River View

WARSAW, Oh- The River View Black Bears track team are no strangers to the Jessie Owens state event back in 2018 River view sent a couple of relays to prelims as well but this year head coach Vince Andrews says the commitment by both girls and boys teams are at a different level.

“I think the growth is like the commitment that they had to each other. I mean even the girls team, they just believe in each other. We kept telling them this is the plan this is the goal. We just gotta keep working hard and they have,” Andrews said.
With the black bears having a boys relay and a girls relay qualifying for states both teams understand what makes them different from the rest.
“I say the special thing about us would just be through the hard times, you know some of us being injured, being able to work through that together without being angry at each other and if one of us messes up we don’t place it on him we just kind of work through it together as a team,” Klein said.
“I feel that it’s just like the hard work and dedication that all 4 of us had through the whole season and coming in and just giving it our all no matter what. knowing we are kind of ranked well, but we are going to give it all we have,” Shrimplin said.
But with both teams coming in with low expectations they feel that’s their edge to leave it all out on the track.
“Going in people are going to see us as the underdog I think and I think that’s going to push us and people are going to look down on us and we’re gonna take advantage of it,” Williamson said.
“And like he said we’re probably the biggest underdogs there, I mean we’re a small school from farms so I mean just got to perform,” Andrews said.
“I think like we just all want to do as good as we can you know like it’s not, I mean we don’t have very much pressure because it’s not like we’re ranked first or anything [chuckles] so we kind of have nothing to lose so it’s kind of just give it everything that you can,” Bookless said.
But those 2 teams aren’t the only ones to qualify Drew Tumblin and Koda both made it in single events and they too have a lot of motivation.
“Once I get there I mean, this is the most competition I’ve ever faced in my whole life in this sport so I mean, really what I go for is just to push through and pass as many people on the rankings as I can, I’m not seeded to great, so just obviously move my ranking up since I’m the underdog is really all I can do, “Tumblin said.
“My motivation for the open Four I’d say is going for the school record that we have here at Rearview high school. You know that drive and commitment it takes for an open event, let alone the 400 which I feel like is a really tough event I’d say, I just stay driven and confident in myself that I can do it.
And with the season coming to a end the coach only have one more message to give,” Klein said.
“Just keep giving it your all you’ve worked hard you earn this. No matter what happens we’re proud of you, your schools proud of you . your families proud of you and just do the best you can,” Andrews said.
“This is it go out and go after it. push for those goals that they’ve been pushing for all season, whether it be getting in that top eight in podium, whether it’s just going away with a PR, Having beautiful handoffs, we’ve been working on those all season. It’s just getting those little things good and following through with them,” Philabaum said.


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