Salvation Army has Great Food for All

Many local families are discovering the perks of the Salvation Army’s Great Food For All Program.

The program offers a variety of foods in bulk for a very low cost. For $30 you can receive $60 to $80 worth of food.

“The ‘Great Food for All’ program purchases the food and they get that at a really low cost to help people,” says Salvation Army office assistant, Mindy McCloy. “So they are passing that on. It’s just a blessing being passed onto people. And the people that work in the program, it’s all volunteer work so it’s just something that the communities come together, the people volunteer and we just want to bless people. “

The savings are available to anyone in the community. There are no income guidelines or limits. The food options change monthly and are often times seasonal. June and July menus offer a wide range of grilling foods.

“We have had people that started with us last year in July and they come every month. They love it,” says McCloy. “The food is great, we really have had no complaints on the food at all. It’s really good food. Families are happy they can come in and get such a huge amount of food for a low cost.”

The order deadline for June is Monday, June 29th and will be distributed on July 11th at the Salvation Army. If interested in seeing a menu click here

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