South Zanesville Police Department Introduces New Vehicle

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MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- It’s a big year of change for the South Zanesville Police Department. You’ll find a new vehicle on the road that the department received last week.

Police Chief Mark Ross can be found riding around in a new SUV police cruiser that includes a new color scheme and decals.

“The importance is to be more visible in the community and have pride in their police department and pride in their village. They’ve seen the blue color for a long time, a lot of people have made comments, and they wanted to see a change,” South Zanesville Police Chief Mark Ross said.

The mayor and council agreed on that change. The SUV is more spacious and comfortable for the officers. It will be more accessible in the winter with all wheel drive to help service and patrol better on the hills.

“We had some money already allocated but we were able to use some of the CARES Act money to finish, and that way we didn’t have to finance it,” South Zanesville Mayor Barb Lloyd said.

Mayor Barb Lloyd said this is the start and the department will probably get another car next year.

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