Spectrum Hands Out Safe Home Kits

Spectrum Survival Kit

ZANESVILLE, Ohio. – It is common to think of Spectrum as the cable, telephone, and internet company. However, today Spectrum helped out a lot of people with something totally different.

Part of Spectrum’s philanthropy is called Spectrum Housing Assist. The company wants to ensure more Americans live in safe and healthy homes. Today, the Zanesville Spectrum handed out 168 safe and healthy home kits. Spectrum spokesman, Mike Hogan said the kits had all kinds of safety instruments every house should have.

“So some of these are really ready to use, easy to install items, such as smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, first aid kits, DampRid, caulking, things like that, that they can use in their home to make it safe and healthier,” said Hogan.

Other things that were included in the kit were a night light, cleaning wipes, weather stripping, weather radio, lead information and a home maintenance checklist. Hogan said the kits went quickly and people were really appreciative.

“It’s important that we give back to the communities. Zanesville is a big employer in the community and we want to help out our customers and residents by providing them Safe and Healthy Home Kits that can help them make their homes safer and healthier,” added Hogan.

Hogan said it is a good feeling handing these out to the community and knowing that you are making the area safer.

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