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This week’s co-host is Luke Bryan, who is fresh off his role co-hosting the CMA Awards. We almost didn’t recognize him when he walked in.  He was clean-shaven!  “I don’t have any TV stuff for a minute, so I’m clean-shaven.  I kind of look like you! Cleaned up like you!”

There had been reports that Luke’s wife Caroline had hip surgery, so Lon asked about that: “She’s good.  She’d torn her labrum in her hip, and it was right after the CMAs, and there’s never a good time to do that.  But she’s good.  She’s a big tennis player, and probably injured it through tennis.”

Lon asked about some things we didn’t see during the show: “One of the first things that happened was Peyton & I were supposed to stand on a mark for our monologue, and we both blanked on where we were supposed to stand. Also, right before my performance, our guitars weren’t working, so we were busy getting that fixed.”

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