Students Learn Importance of Science

Some Muskingum County students are learning just how important science can be.

The Muskingum Soil and Water Conservation District is sponsoring Camp Adventure–a two-day event for children around the county. This year’s camp has an emphasis on soil.

“Most people don’t think a whole lot about the soil,” said Education Specialist Nicole Hafer. “They don’t realize the importance of having and conserving soil. It kind of relates to kids this age, it’s a standard to 3rd grade, they have to learn about soil in the 3rd grade. It reinforces it since a lot of the kids are entering 4th or 5th grade this year.”

Hafer says the camp has a special feature this year.

“This year we have the soil trailer from the Butler Soil and Water Conservation District,” she said. “It’s an interactive exhibit that was designed by the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History. It’s like what you would see if you lived underground.”

Hafer says the addition of the soil trailer makes the lessons real to the children. The camp also teaches about the rock cycle, geology, archaeology and the soil layers.

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