Stuff the Bus Sees Support

Today was the last day to help eastside community ministry “stuff the bus.”

Today the ministry and the women’s auxiliary unit 29 set up shop outside the walmart on maple avenue in zanesville.

“we’re handing out fliers, so they’re starting to drop off some of the supplies that we need,” said Bob Davidson of Eastside Community Ministry. “We give them a list with some of the essential items we need like crayons, paper, spiral notebooks, markers, that type of thing. I think it’s helpful to give them a shopping list as they go in and ask them to do what they can.”

Davidson says he hopes saturday’s donations can match what they saw friday.

“we had a great day at walmart south,” he said. “We collected more than 500 different items for the kids. We’re looking for a great turnout today, despite the rain.”

The groups are hoping to have enough donations to pack 800 backpacks full of school supplies for children around the county. The group is focusing this year on grades one through 12. The pro muskingum group will be concentrating their efforts on those children in kindergarten.

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