SUV destroyed, home damaged following storm in Zanesville

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio (WHIZ) – Severe weather hit the area Wednesday evening. There were several storm alerts including a tornado warning.

In Zanesville, power lines were damaged and homes lost power.

On Sharon Avenue near Jessamine Street, a tree hit a house and totaled the car parked in the driveway. The homeowner, Lisa Bourassa, says her mother was just feet away from where a tree hit her home.

“A couple tree limbs fell and I come up here and the next thing I know, this tree’s on top of my car, my house… My mom has stage 4 Alzheimer’s and was sitting inside this room when this fell on my house. Thank God it did not go through and hurt her.”

She says because of the amount of damage left, she believes it was a tornado.

“I think this was a tornado. This was – has to be something more than straight-line winds to just destroy everything like this. I have limbs in the front yard down, trees in the backyard down. It’s everywhere. “

On Sharon Avenue, between Jessamine Street and Harris Road, a light pole was left hanging and the street had to be shut down to traffic.

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