Take the Downtown Zanesville Farmers’ Market home with you

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- August is the last month for the Downtown Zanesville Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays, but one vendor had a way for customers to keep consuming their produce even after the month is over.

Owner of Mayapple Farms, Rick Felumlee, said they are the only vendors at the Farmers’ Market with fresh mushrooms that their customers can even grow right in their backyard on a small log.

“These logs are actually 100 percent prepared. They’re already ready to go. They just need to be set outside in a shady spot, somewhere where it is going to get rained on, so they will stay moist, and then after a period of months, probably later this fall, they will start producing shiitake mushrooms”, said Felumlee.

Felumlee also emphasized that everything they use to grow their famous mushrooms, including the logs the mushrooms are grown on, is all organic.

“We never use any sort of chemical whatsoever, pesticides, herbicides, nothing like that. We also go through the certification process. Every year we get inspected by an outside organization. They come in and certify we are doing everything by the book. It’s a lot of record keeping’s, but we think it is worth it to give our costumers the little bit of extra confidence in what they are buying,” said Felumlee.

You can continue attending the Downtown Zanesville Farmers’ Market on N. 4th Street until the end of August on Wednesday’s from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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