Tax filing season underway: United Way filed 600 tax returns so far

United Way Of Muskingum Perry Morgan

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – With eight weeks left to file taxes, the united way of Muskingum, Perry and Morgan counties has filed over 600 tax returns.

Community Impact Director Becky Clawson says their 68 volunteers have dedicated over 600 hours of their time.

“We have filed over 600 returns so far, in [a] little less than a month. So I think we’re about three weeks in so that’s a great, great record. We’re on track to hit our goal of filing 1,600 returns this year so it’s well underway. “

Clawson says the average gross income they have filed for is $24,000 and the average refund for federal money was $1,700 and $200 for state refunds.

“When you call the 2-1-1 line they will do a short screening but I’ll tell you what the qualifications are. If you’re a married couple filing jointly, you have to make less than $95,000 a year. If you’re filing single, it’s less than $65,000 as your adjusted gross income. And then we just don’t file taxes for anyone who owns a business, has rental or farm income or is part of the clergy.”

The last day to file taxes is Wednesday, April 15.

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