The Granville Indoor Farmer’s Market

Ohio Pasta

GRANVILLE, Ohio – Vendors from around the state came out Saturday morning for the Granville Indoor Farmer’s Market, including Ohio City Pasta.

The Cleveland based company sells a variety of different types of pasta, including raviolis, fettuccine, and more. Ohio City Pasta Sales Associate, Hannah Plympton said not only do they have multiple types of pasta, they have multiple flavors.

“So we sell different cuts. We’ve got fettuccine, linguine, spaghetti, angel hair. Then we do different flavors so rosemary, our most popular is usually the garlic ones, we have so many flavors I can’t even think of them all,” said Plympton.

Plympton said being able to interact with the customers, form a relationship, and the freshness of the product — makes the market worthwhile.

Plympton added, “I have several regulars that I recognize and everytime they come in they are always happy to see me. I am happy to see them. So, it is just the customer service and making friends and being able to talk to people and having one on one situations with them.”

The Granville Indoor Farmer’s Market is most Saturdays from November through February at the Granville Elementary School from 9:30 until noon.

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