“This is a very real danger,” Sen. Schaffer fights human trafficking with SB 247

House Bill 247

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A new bill is combatting human trafficking in Ohio.

The bill has been introduced to the Ohio Senate and is now on the long journey to become state law. Senator Tim Schaffer spoke with WHIZ News Reporter Nicolette Pizzuto to talk about that bill.

“The devestating effects of human trafficking — if you recall the movie ‘Taken’ that movie, while it’s a Hollywood production — and it’s fiction is really not that far from reality from the experiences of a lot of people in this world.”

Schaffer says the bill takes a three step approach to combat human trafficking.

“Number one, it goes after the Johns by — requiring a first-time conviction, then the Johns will go to John School,” he said. “And it puts them on an internet database. And then, thirdly, it goes after the money that the pimps make from prostituting Ohioans and makes sure we can tie that money, which we can’t do under current law, it ties that money to the crime.”

Schaffer says, ‘John School’ would require people who pay for sex to learn about how this affects themselves, their families and their victims.

“If there’s no John to pay for the illegal activity, then the prostitutes and the trafficked victims and the pimps will dry up and go somewhere else or just not get into this activity at all.”

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