Thursday Music Club Celebrates 110 Years, Plans NYC Trip


ZANESVILLE, Ohio — Zanesville’s “Thursday Music Club” is celebrating 110 years of performances, and they’ve accepted an important invitation to help celebrate.

“We’re going to New York City. On December 1st, we’ve been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall. That’s the first time that we’ve been invited out of Zanesville, really. At the same time, we come back, we do our 90th production of Handel’s Messiah here on the 15th of December at Central Trinity Church, at 6 o’clock in the evening,” says James McLaughlin, Music Director. “This [trip] is five days in New York City, hotels, restaurants, the whole nine yards, busing, we have grants and community partners that have paid for this.”

In addition to those 110 years of performances, the music club will also hold their ninetieth annual performance of Handel’s Messiah on Sunday, Dec. 15 at Central Trinity United Methodist Church in downtown Zanesville.

“We do want to thank our community because we have had wonderful support for this expensive trip,” McLaughlin adds.

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