Weekend College At Zane State

College classes on a Saturday? It may sound crazy but it might just be the next best thing for those looking to further their education on top of a busy schedule.

Starting next fall, Zane State College will be offering “Weekend College” for those students who need the flexibility when they have a full time job and other activities on their plate. “We felt that there was a need for it in the community, we felt that there was a population that couldn’t attend and we really feel that its our obligation to the community to provide what people are looking for from an educational perspective.”

Up to 23 different courses will be offered on Friday evenings, Saturday mornings and afternoons as well as online courses. Opening doors to a wide range of opportunities for many students. “We think this will be exciting for a lot of people and that we’ve got to think that there are multiple different people out there that see this as an opportunity. Whether its opportunity to change career, or its an opportunity to gain advancement in their current job or its an opportunity to get a job period b/c they’ve experienced some level of unemployment as a result of the current economic situation.”

Registration has already been opened for fall classes, that includes the new weekend college courses.

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