WHIZ Media Group to Install New TV Antenna


ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Signal will be temporarily interrupted for our over the air viewers tomorrow as WHIZ Media Group will be installing a new antenna, in compliance with the Federal Communications Commission. Kevin Buente, WHIZ Chief Engineer, says that work will begin Tuesday morning and will stretch into the afternoon hours.

“So Tuesday morning, around 9 AM we’ll have a helicopter here removing the top mount antenna that’s currently installed on our antenna. And what will happen is, they’re going to lay it down exactly where we’re standing right now; and then pick up the new antenna—and just do a quick swap.”

Viewers in the
southeastern portion of the WHIZ coverage area may have been
experiencing difficulties picking up a signal as of late as an
interim antenna had to be installed prior to the work scheduled for
tomorrow. Buente says stations across the country are implementing
similar procedures.

“This is a nationwide effort. What has happened is that Congress has ordered the FCC to repack all the stations—essentially make all of their RF channels more tightly packed to give more room to the cellular companies.”

Satellite and cable viewers should not be impacted by the antenna replacement project; however radio signal on Highway 103 and AM 1240 on the FM dial may be impacted during the TV antenna replacement. Following Tuesday’s antenna installation, tower work will continue for approximately one week and will include the installation of a new transmitter as well.

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