Wreaths Across America Ceremony Held

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The national Wreaths Across America ceremony was held yesterday to honor veterans who have passed on. 

In Zanesville the ceremony was held at Greenwood Ceremony. Snouffer Funeral Home and The Veterans Appreciation Foundation conducted the event to honor recently deceased veterans. 

“This year with the Wreaths Across America we were made aware of forty veterans in our area who were unable to have their graveside honors because of COVID. When we learned that it really touched our hearts and we wanted to somehow come up with a way to honor them before the end of the year. Wreaths Across America is the perfect time to do that. The Veterans Appreciation Foundation, when they found out there were these veterans that had not been honored, they got on board.”, VAF board member Becky joseph told WHIZ.

The program also raised eight hundred dollars for the local JROTC through the wreaths. Honoring fallen veterans is seen as a patriotic duty to the members of the Appreciation Foundation. 

“The Wreaths Across America’s mission is to honor, remember and to teach. It’s very important that we remember those fallen soldiers that have given their lives for our freedom, to honor those that are still serving us to keep us free, and to teach people the cost of freedom, and what it means to be a soldier. I think it’s just really valuable that we continually honor our veterans.”, Joseph continued.

This is the ninth year of the Wreaths Across America ceremony taking place in Zanesville. 

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