Zanesville fitness center promotes hand washing with singing

Fieldhouse 1

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A fitness center is reacting to concerns over COVID-19.

The Fieldhouse President and CEO Alainna Durfee says they are taking recommendations from the CDC seriously and staff is encouraging kids and adults to wash their hands by singing.

“One of the things that I’m telling a lot of the kids coming in is when they wash their hands, is sing with it. I don’t care if they’re embarrassed. They can put their hands together and sing, Britney Spears, ‘Hit me baby one more time.’ Make it fun. A lot of our seniors, they’re doing the, ‘Sweet Caroline,’ today and we were singing with them. We’re taking our precautions but I want them to do theirs as well because those are the people I love and I’m going to protect them with every ounce of my being.”

Durfee says employees are cleaning the machines more often than usual.

“Between making sure that all our disinfectants are filled up at all times. We do have some members that are wearing gloves as a precaution and that’s okay. I want everyone to feel comfortable here but I’m very proud that we’ve had a very busy day. We had a young man that’s 91-years-old that’s playing pickle ball already this morning. So our members are being smart but they are still also living their lives.”

She says if you’re feeling under the weather to stay home and rest.

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