Zanesville health facility opens Sunday

Vital Source

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – A new facility on Sunrise Center Drive focused on holistic medicine held an open house Sunday.

Vital Source is located next to the Fieldhouse on sunrise center drive welcomed people into the new facility. Chiropractor and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner Katelyne Allen says they focus on finding the root of any health problems.

“I’m excited to just bring Holistic Healing to Zanesville. What we do here is we get down to the root cause instead of putting Bandaids on symptoms we want to get down to the root cause, keep the secondary symptoms from coming back and just help people heal. When you walk into the door, it’s just inviting. We want people to just hang out, we want good vibes, we want people to come in with a positive attitude because that’s where the healing starts it’s between your ears.”

Vital Source holds workshops every month that offers different kinds of healing practices.

“I would tell people to come in [the] first Monday of every month we have workshops. So we’re gonna talk about chiropracting, we’re gonna talk about the function of medicine and about holistic healing. So first come in and just get information, I think the reason we called it Vital Source is get it from the source. If I don’t know the answers, I’m gonna have them help them try to find the right answers but come in for our workshops, come in, talk to people about their experience , their testimonies in here. “

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