Zanesville pet store educates owners at Saturday event

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The Zanesville Petsmart was busy today with their first event of the year, Meet the Pets.

Customers had the chance to learn about different reptiles and guinea pigs. They could also feed the fish. Customer Engagement Leader Michelle Armstrong says it’s important for possible pet owners to learn about the animals they want to take in.

“Each pet is different. Today, we have some of our more mild ones to show off to people. So we have two desert reptiles. The leopard gecko and the bearded dragon and we have one of our small pets, the guinea pig. We have other reptiles, for example, we have tropical reptiles, desert reptiles, all of these that have different needs and we’re able to answer those questions and help set you up the habitat that is gonna last their entire life.”

Armstrong says the pet store has another event later this month where current owners can take their slithering creatures in and have the chance to win prizes and get coupons.

“This is our first event for the year, “Meet the Pets,” you know, we’re hoping to have a lot of people turn out. But we have another one later this month on January 25th from 12 to 2. It’s actually called “Worlds of Wonder” where we are encouraging all of our customers to bring in their own reptiles. We would love to see them, whether or not we have them in store.”

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