2 Zanesville schools earn state-wide recognitions


ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Two schools in the Zanesville City District have received state-level recognition for their achievements.

Assistant Superintendent of the schools Steven Foreman says Zane Grey Elementary School has won the Momentum Award four times within the past five years.

“They recieved the Momentum Award and that — that is an award that is given for all As in value added majors stemming from sub-groups. And what it really does is it shows the hard — it’s evidence of the hard work of teachers and administrators working together to do what’s right for students.”

The second recognition earned within the district was awarded to John McIntire Elementary. Foreman says the school was one of only 71 chosen in the state for high progress. Foreman says the award is chosen based on a school report card being in the top 10 percent and also being a school with high poverty.

“Students who are economically disadvantaged or minority — facing barriers maybe in their life, are we making gains in their performance over a five-year period is a big piece to this. And their data shows that they are so in addition to that, are we seeing gains in graduation rates, are we seeing gains in gap closing.”

Foreman says these awards show the dedication and hard work from the school’s teachers, staff and administration.

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