Annual Wage and Benefit Survey

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio –  Each year the Chamber of Commerce does their Wage and Benefits study.

The survey is an opportunity for chamber member businesses to provide information for planning and budgeting. President Dana Matz said it is just a simple online survey.

“The advantage of this study is it enables chamber member business, whether they are promoting within or looking to hire somebody from the outside,” Matz said. “They can see what the average wages are in our community and what benefits are available.”

It is a broad survey that is for small companies, big companies and everything in between. Matz said this provides the opportunity for local businesses to be competitive.

“We strongly encourage all of our chamber members to participate. Realistically if we would get half that would be a great number but the survey is pretty quick. On Friday morning, they received an email with the web link, they go in there,” Matz said. “They’ll have to have their data together so whether it’s their HR department or their office manager. I would encourage them to go to the website first, see what they’re going to need, then go back in when they’re prepared.”

To participate in the wage and benefit survey, head to the Chamber of Commerce website and log in to your membership account for access.

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