Assisted Care Home Honors Employee’s 40 Years Of Work

Rittenhouse Rock

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Can you imagine working 40 years for the same organization? Well, that is exactly how many years, employee Buster Rittenhouse spent at the Helen Purcell Home.

Since 1979, Rittenhouse worked at the Helen Purcell Home, an assisted living care center  here in Zanesville. Rittenhouse worked in maintenance and part of that job entails working on the grounds. Well, Friday, Rittenhouse had a magnolia tree planted in his honor for his hard work and time. Helen Purcell Home Executive Director, Vince Durant said Rittenhouse deserves to be celebrated.

“Well we think it’s a wonderful place to work. Helen Purcell next year will celebrate 135 years of existence. We have a lot of folks that dedicate themselves to taking care of the folks that live here, and Buster is just one of the shining examples of that,” said Durant.

Rittenhouse said it is a great honor to get recognition for the forty years. He said working at the Helen Purcell Home felt more like a second home than a job.

“This wasn’t like a job. This was like coming to another home. It was like coming to a place where I had several mothers and in the last part of it I had fathers that were here. So my job wasn’t really a job so to speak. It was to come and make someone else’s day a little better,” said Rittenhouse.

Rittenhouse retired in January, and said looking back, he could not imagine working anywhere else besides the Helen Purcell Home

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