Carr Center Cake Auction

Hundreds of cakes have arrived at the Colony Square Mall in Zanesville for the Carr Center Cake Auction. WHIZ’s Courtney Wheaton is live with more information about the two day event.

The 27th Annual Carr Center Cake Auction set up for the event today. There are over 200 people volunteering to help with the auction and over 400 cakes and companies registered to participate. Tami Porter, Outreach Coordinator for Foxfire Schools, came to volunteer with some of her students. She says that they are very familiar with the Carr Center.

“Well, The Carr Center, we believe very strongly in. We go out there on a monthly basis, the third Wednesday of every month and take a small group of students to meet with them the clients that are there in the adult center."

One of the students says volunteering has it perks.

It makes me like feel like I have a responsibility and its just fun to help other people and you get out of school,” said Foxfire Student, Dairyen Morgan.

Volunteers help set up the cakes but we talked to someone who actually baked them. Corporate Chef at Zandex, Bill Bird, tell us about some of his most popular cakes

“Well one of the favorites is chocolate and I have a peanut butter that’s just slathered with peanut butter and it has Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and lots of Chocolate Icing, " Bird said.

Many of the cakes come with incentive packages to sweeten the deal.

“By popular demand we brought back the fire department cake which is a birthday party for 20 kids at the fire department,” said Stephen Vincent, a Zanesville firefighter and auctioneer. “No, as most people know firemen are just really kids at heart we didn’t want to grow up, okay?"

Whether you have baked a cake, volunteered, or plan to buy a cake, The Carr Center Cake Auction is this Thursday and Friday starting at 8:15 tomorrow morning.

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