Chamber of Commerce Promotes Membership Renewal and Recruitment

Chamber Of Commerce

ZANESVILLE, OH – January is membership renewal and membership recruitment time for the Zanesville-Muskingum County Chamber of Commerce.

President Dana Matz said that it is important to maintain past members. It is also important to get information on the services they offer out to businesses in the community who are not members.

“One thing that’s important to all businesses is how can they save money. We offer a numerous discount program. So they can save money on workers compensation. Safety council is a way to improve workplace safety. And a more safe workplace is also a more productive workplace which is also a more profitable workplace. And then we do offer through SOCA, the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance Program. We have local agents that sell group health insurance to chamber member businesses and that’s an opportunity for them to save money,” Zanesville-Muskingum County Chamber of Commerce President Dana Matz said.

The Chamber of Commerce also provides a weekly newsletter to members. This gives the most up to date information from the chamber. Networking is also a big incentive the Chamber of Commerce provides.

“We also do business to business connections, business to government connections, and business to consumer connections. And by connections we have businesses that call us. We have businesses call and need to talk to somebody in the government. And they’re not sure who, who that department is, who that person is. And then we also have the business consumer networking opportunity, so it gives the businesses a one call shop. So they can call the chamber, they can send us an email and say who do I need to talk to what department do I need to talk to.”

The Chamber of Commerce also works on economic and community development. They do this through having the Chamber, The Downtown Association, and The Convention and Visitors Bureau all under one roof to serve all types of businesses.

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