Coshocton Co. Election Results


Coshocton County Election Results are being reported.

Thomas Barcroft, Michelle Gantz and Glenn Mishler were elected to Council at Large Seats.

In the race for Board of Education Jere Butcher and Susan Mann were elected defeating H. Tad Johnson.

In the River View School board two people were being elected Charlie Wright and Mindy Duncan were leading.

The Coshocton County Sales and Tax Increase for .5 percent for 25 years passed with 4,067 votes for and 3,200 against.

The River View Local Schools Renewal levy 4.8 mills for 5 years was passing 2,125 votes for and 1,200 against.

The Coshocton County Emergency Medical Services levy 3 mills for 5 years passed with 5, 289 votes for and 1,927 against.

The Coshocton Career Center levy passed with 4,029 for the levy and 3,006 against.

The Coshocton County Library 1 mill levy passed as well.

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