County Auditor Meets with Commissioners to Discuss CARES Funds.

Muskingum County Courthouse

ZANESVILLE – On Wednesday, the Ohio General Assembly announced that $650 million of CARES Act funds will be distributed to local state governments. Debra Nye feels the Commissioners will soon make a decision on what to do with these funds in the county.

“I think the Commissioners are going to really sit down and discuss possibly a task force meeting. It would be nice to be able to do an outreach to all of the citizens here in Muskingum County to help them out with their CARES Act money. Our third wave of money is going to be pretty large and it would just be nice to do an outreach,” Nye said.

Nye encouraged any business or potential recipient for CARES act funds to schedule an appointment with the County Commissioners to discuss what can be done.

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