County Commissioners Divvy Up CARES Funds

County Commissioners

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Muskingum County Commissioners met this afternoon to discuss paying back the Emergency Management Agency for its COVID efforts. 

The funds will mostly be paying for relocating families affected by the virus and upgrades the EMA had to make to their offices. County Auditor Deborah Nye explains the importance the EMA has played in the last several months.

“Well the EMA is pretty much in charge of if a family does have COVID they have to relocate them into a hotel and for basically, pay them for food. They are first responders for that. They make sure of their safety and security so the EMA is our point guard in our county.”

Reimbursement for the EMA is expected to be a very quick process. Nye explains the flow of money from agency to agency. 

“We received the funds already from the state of Ohio. We have one in an agn=ency fund and one in our special revenue fund. As far as when a township or a village or a city requests those funds we have seven business days to disperse that money back out to them.”

Nye is in the middle of reviewing invoices right now to know how much needs paid. 

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