County Commissioners meet to discuss Muskingum County ODOT projects

County Comm

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio- The Muskingum County County Commissioners met this afternoon with ODOT workers and the County Engineers Office to discuss the general overview of projects in Muskingum County. 

The reconstruction of Interstate 70 kicked off last week but isn’t the only project occurring in the county. State route 60 is also undergoing some construction and enhancements. It is estimated to be completed in the summer of 2023.

“You’re seeing some resurfacing just west of downtown Zanesville and you’re seeing construction on state route 60. We were touching on all things and getting them up to speed about what ODOT projects are going on,” District 5 Public Information Officer Morgan Overbey said.

Currently on Interstate 70, motorists will see construction going on at night while it’s safer. As things move towards phase one of the project, more daytime construction will be utilized. 

“It is going to be narrow lanes even though two lanes are going to be maintained during the day time at all times on 70. The lanes are going to be more narrow, so even when you have construction going on one one side of a barrier, you’re going to be very close to traffic,” Overbey said.

ODOT encourages motorists to be cautious, plan ahead and slow down. The OHGO website and app is available as well that will show users where accidents and traffic is occurring. 

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