County Commissioners Finalize Bid for Muskingum County Law Administration Building Renovations

County Commissioners

ZANESVILLE, OH – The County Commissioners met Thursday to finalize a bid evaluation for renovations being done on the Muskingum County Law Administration Building.

The further evaluation was needed to come to a decision on an alternate bid that would ultimately decide who was awarded the project.

“We were doing a further bid evaluation for the renovations to the Muskingum County Law Admin building. We had two good bids that came in on Monday and we had to decide on an alternate, whether or not to award that alternate, the decision on that would then dictate who the bid was awarded to. The decision was made today to not award the alternate, so we then made a formal recommendation to award the bid to Lepi Enterprises,” APG Architects Project Manager Cole Ryan said.

The renovations will be occurring on both the ground floor, the third floor, and the roof top.

“It includes starting on the ground floor there’s a new security vestibule, something you’ve seen in a lot of public buildings now it’ll have an x-ray machine, things like that, and then on the third floor we’re doing a full renovation of the County Court and County Clerks office. And then we’ll also be putting in a new roof top unit on top of the building.”

A motion was made to award the project to Lepi Enterprises at a base bid of $678,800 with no alternate bid to be awarded. The County Courts Special Projects Fund will pay for most of the project.

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