Gas prices can be found as low as $1.25 in Zanesville

ZANESVILLE – One might think that there’s a correlation between the Corona Virus and the very low gas prices.

Jimmy Pitcock, owner of Mother Tucker’s Gas Station believed this was the cause as well. However, he thinks that there is a bigger contributing factor to prices being found near a record low.

“Russia and Saudi Arabia are having a big gas war. You know, a price battle with each other. That’s really driven it down. It’s really just awkward timing. I thought it was because of the virus as well because there’s probably so much out there and people aren’t traveling, going to work as much as they used to, so I thought he were trying to get rid of it as much as we can. So, that price drop would’ve helped. If there’s any glimmer of hope in this it’s about that price drop which has helped people for sure,” Mother Tucker’s owner Jimmy Pitcock said.

Pitcock says enjoy the low prices while they last. It may be a while before the cost per gallon rises again, but, he thinks it won’t go down any further.

“When you see prices double, they’re about 30 dollars a barrel now. If they got to 60, you probably won’t see that for at least two months which is kind of what I’ve been told about it. It’s going to be a while before it goes up but I don’t think it’s going to go down anymore for sure,” Pitcock said.

Pitcock is also pleased to see so many customers buying from Mother Tucker’s instead of getting their gas from major “chain” gas stations like Speedway, BP, and Sheetz.

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