Grace UM Church, CVB Plan Rowing Team


ZANESVILLE, Ohio — Grace United Methodist Church and the Zanesville Muskingum County Convention & Visitors Bureau are teaming up to bring a rowing team to the area.

Organizers are seeking participants looking for a new experience.

“Offering rowing for teenagers and adults in Muskingum County, and we are hosting an open house. That is in conjunction with Venture Scouting and also Grace United Methodist Church. They are the host of Venturing, which is the Venture Scouting program. So, this, again will be a club sport and Tuesday, 6pm, anyone that is interested, all ages, we are encouraging them to come to Grace United Methodist Church and be a part of this open house,” says Kelly Ashby, at the Convention & Visitors Bureau.

This, Ashby says, will be a first for Muskingum County.

“Dillon Lake, they have the equipment for the courses that are set for these rowing events. The great news also is that we have had other teams that have already been donating the equipment to help us start rowing here in Muskingum County, so that’s also great news and we’re continuing to work on purchasing and gathering additional equipment needed for the team.”

An informational meeting is set for next Tuesday evening at six.

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