Hearth, Home and Away showcases Columbus business

Roof Maxx

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Hearth, Home and Away closed it’s doors on another year at the Colony Square Mall.

At the event was an Columbus founded roofing company. Mathew Mahone for Roof Maxx says the product is the first of it’s kind.

“Roof Maxx is the world’s first all natural roof rejuvenating treatment. It’s the first of it’s kind option aside from roof replacement. The product was actually founded by Mike and Todd Feezle from Feezle Roofing in Columbus, Ohio. So it is a locally funded product. It supports local farmers. It is a USDA bio-preferred product and has been researched by the Ohio State University who has released a research study on it showing Roof Maxx does exactly what it says it does.”

The treatment is a spray made of soybean oil. The oil restores the flexibility of a shingle which will extend it’s roof life by at least five years.

“Most people haven’t really planned on replacing their roofs. They haven’t saved up the money. Roof Maxx is about 80% less than a roof replacement and can get you at least five years. And you can do three treatments and get up to another 15 out of most roofs.”

Mahone says the oil does not include the allergen found in soybeans.

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