Human Trafficking Rally Held At Coshocton Courthouse

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COSHOCTON, Ohio- A rally was held today at the Coshocton County Courthouse to raise awareness for human trafficking. 

A few dozen people showed up to voice their support and anger over the issue. The event was organized by three mothers who felt that the issue was too under the radar. 

“Today we’re here just to raise awareness for human trafficking, children trafficking, and the pandemic that the issue really is… Just because with everything going on in the world this is so prevalent, and we feel like it’s kinda being swept under the rug. Being mothers ourselves it really hits a spot in our heart. This is our hometown, this is where we wanted to start and raise awareness first.”

The importance of realizing that human trafficking is a non discriminatory issue was the biggest concern facing the group. 

“It happens everywhere. It’s not just for physical things, it can be adults for labor, for work. It happens in our backyards, our neighbors, it happens in people’s homes. Rich, poor, whatever, it’s happening everywhere.”

The National human trafficking hotline can be called by anyone who wants to report suspicious activity

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