I Am A Warrior Against Suicide Launches Website

I Am A Warrior Website

ZANESVILLE, OH – The group I Am A Warrior Against Suicide has been successful in spreading a message of hope within the local community.

At the head of the movement, Beth Ingram has been a true warrior in working to provide resources to those who are suffering in silence. Ingram is pleased to now share a brand new resource, their own website.

“No matter who you are you can find help here. And not only that there’s no phone book anymore. When you’re in crisis you don’t have time to look up a phone number. You look on IamAWarrior.us, anybody you click on you see their phone numbers. You click on and that website pulls up. So it’s more than just for suicide, it’s for hope. The United Way’s number is on there, 211. Anybody can find help there.”

After almost 3 years of working towards this goal, the website is now complete. It features a long list of helplines (including the suicide prevention hotline), links to donate, and information on how to become a Warrior Against Suicide.

“I started with this idea June 1st 2018, but it just now came to pass. It must not have been the right timing. But Marty at MH Computers has done a great job. We’ll be adding more to it. It’ll be more than a website. We’ll have competitions, pizza contests/ parties. We’ll be sharing all kinds of good things for the community,” Ingram said.

The website also features contact numbers for a variety of specialty helplines such as Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, LGBTQ+, and Substance Abuse. Visit http://IAmAWarrior.us for more information.

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