Lace Up 4 Kids Prepares For Distribution

2017.07.10. Lace Up Kickoff Pick
Photo By: Quay DeVoll

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Lace Up 4 Kids Initiative is nearing its end for this year and the group is preparing to disperse the shoes to those in need. 

The dispersal is happening in accordance with guidelines and safety suggestions from the CDC. Co-chair of Lace Up Sally Goins has more information. 

“Lace Up 4 Kids is going very well this year, we are working closely with the health department to make everything as safely as we possibly can. We’re gonna be held at the basement of Secrest auditorium where we can socially distance a lot, we’re taking three days to pass out what we usually do in one day so we’ve got things spaced out pretty well.”

The pass out dates are Monday August 10th through Wednesday August 12th. The organization is still taking donations and will continue indefinitely. 

We can still always use shoes. Lots of different children who need lots of different kinds of shoes. We are looking for new tennis shoes, or shoes that kids can wear for gym class in hopes that they’ll have a gym class to go to… some of them get stored for next year, some of them go to our clothing bank, for children who come in all throughout the year for children who come in and maybe have a blowout on a show or just need some extras.”

700 pairs of shoes are going to be passed out between Monday and Wednesday. 

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