Local Churches Team Up For Vacation Bible Walk

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The St. Johns Lutheran Church and the Grace United Methodist Church joined forces today to provide the opportunity for children and their parents to walk around Downtown Zanesville. 

The walk led the families to places of prayer, play and treats and was put on in lieu of a traditional vacation bible school. Event Organizer Cindi Swope explained the event in greater detail. 

“It’s called pray and play. Our families signed up in advance, they come in, they sign in. We have ten stations around the community. Starting at the health department, they say a prayer for that area, they play a little game, then they go to the next. So we’re at the health department, the senior center, the fire department, the board of elections, those type of places around the community.”

The children participating in the event helped to write the prayers for today. Swope spoke to the planning process and the importance of the event for the children. 

“We started planning bible school, we had one plan in February, then of course that changed. So we’ve been working through March, April and May coming up with what we want to do and reaching out to the different civic organizations to get permission to be on their properties… With the churches being closed or with the restrictions of what the children can do this allows them to be engaged with their faith. They get to pray, play, and get out and enjoy the nice day.”

There was a turnout of ten families for the day’s festivities. 

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