Insurance Agency presents Eastside Community Ministry with $2,000 check.

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ZANESVILLE – Local insurance agency presents Eastside Community Ministry with $2,000 check.

The check comes from State Farm was presented to Eastside Wednesday morning and agent Sarah Wickerham says, as a small business owner, she is happy to use the resources State Farm has to do good in the community.

“Just 400 dollars buys several thousand pounds of food from the Hunger Network that they partner with and so 2,000 dollars I’m hoping can help to provide assistance for their fresh food programming which they try do do throughout the summer as well as just brings in more families. We know that need is going to continue to increase and I think its going to make quite a big impact with the resources Eastside leverages,” Wickerham said.

Wickerham is taken back by the amount of services Eastside provides to local residents in need and after convening with the organization’s Executive Director Jamie Trout, she is sure that the money will be going to good use.

“How can I do good for such an amazing organization and they go far beyond the walls and so far in the community that I just call her and said how can we partner? What do you need and how can I help? When you speak to a director and she can rattle off exactly how that money is going to be put to work, I knew it was the right choice to put food on the plates of kids in our community,” Wickerham said.

Eastside’s feeding program is very busy and it can always use food donations – especially non-perishable items like soup, tuna, and peanut butter.

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