Local Methodist Church reacts to “CARES” Act

Meadow Farm Church

ZANESVILLE – On March 27th, Congress passed and President Trump signed into law what is known as the “CARES” Act.

CARES stands for corona virus aid, relief, and economic security and the bill is the biggest stimulus package in modern American history. Churches, non-profits, and Christian schools that are exempt from paying taxes and have lower than 500 employees are eligible for loans.

“While I cannot ever tell other churches what to do, I know that many are struggling financially and I would recommend a couple of things. One would be, I would recommend making those financial projections. I would recommend that if, as a pastor, you do not have some financial or business background or attributes that you surround yourself with people who do because they want to help you get through this,” Meadow Farm Pastor Dean Cole said.

Cole adds that members can always help their place of worship if the pandemic has put their church in an economic bind.

“I would encourage the donors to look at your giving. Try not to cut back on that. I’m a believer in tithing, we preach that here. I’ve been here for five years. I’ve never asked for money. We do teach stewardship and we teach generosity and it works here,” Cole said.

As a reminder, Meadow Farm does offer online versions of its services but there is also a link for members to donate to the church.

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