Local Organizations to host public anti-bullying forum

Stop Bullying

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Several local organizations are having a public forum to show the community what anti-bullying resources are available to them.

Cyber bullying has become a very common format of bullying since the creation of social media. Team Coby President and C-E-O, Tammy Bleakney said this is an opportunity for the community to meet some of the resources, learn, and even ask questions.

“Right now bullying is at an all time high. Suicide is on the increase. As of July 31st of this year, we have lost 42 kids to suicide alone, in the state of Ohio. We need people to know that mental health is an issue and there are resources and lets get proactive rather than reactive,”Bleakney said.

One of the many resources that will be speaking at the event is NAMI Six County President, Paul Quinn.

“NAMI works primarily with family members to educated them about various brain disorders and our capacity with this forum coming up, we like to make sure that people know of educational opportunities so they can be better equipped to assist their loved ones through difficult times, whether its bullying or depression or any other issues that they might be facing,” said Quinn.

The Forum is Monday, September 30th in Trinway at the Prospect Place from 5:00 pm till 7:00 pm.

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