Mid-East CDL Center Grand Opening


ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Mid-East Career Commercial Drivers License training and testing facility held their grand opening on Friday.

The Centers Board of Education paid $1.2 for the facility and another $200,000 for the back 11 acres. 

Superintendent of Mid-East CTC, Matt Sheridan, says in the past they offered CDL training but the only location was an hour away and there was a 3-4 month backlog for testing. 

The new facility provides a one-stop-shop for testing and training and Sheridan says they already tested over 100 people in the last two months. 

“Today we invited lots of community members and partners in to hear about where we’ve come and where we’re going to go for the program. I’m also excited that representative Holmes is here who has been a big partner for us. The county commissioners have helped us out- they’ve given us $300,000 for this project as well as the state has given us through the capital improvement budget and gave us an additional $300,000. So we’re still working on obtaining all the funds to finish it off but we just want to let people know what we’re doing, where we’re going and we’re excited about the future,” Sheridan said.

State Representative, Adam Holmes, feels great about the program and believes it is an efficient use of public money. He says it is going to provide jobs for many young folks around this area and it is a blessing to the community. 

Holmes says there is a distinct advantage in this area for logistics supply and management. Right now, CDL driving is the second-most in demand job in Ohio. 

“To all the young folks out there, there are so many options for you. You’re great, hard-working good people and you come from a great community and you’re in demand. So if you want to drive trucks and all the other trades it’s going to grow in America the demand for you guys. You’ve always been important so come now you’re even more,” Holmes said.

There are many student financing options available including short-term certificate funding. Students are required to provide a valid driver’s license, pass a department of transportation test, physical and drug test.

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