National Petal It Forward

National Petal It Forward

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The floral industry coming together to put smiles on people’s faces by giving out flowers.

Today is National Petal It Forward. Florists nationwide are giving out bouquets of flowers to the public. Imlay Florists is taking part as well. Imlay Florists is the oldest family owned and operated flower shop in the country, based right here in Zanesville. They have been serving the community for years.

“Imlay Florists, we’ve been in business since 1841, we have the oldest family owned and operated flower shop in the United States. 177 years, we’ve been here. We’ve been in this location since 1906,” said Imlay Florists co-owner, Katie Imlay.

Imlay Florists workers will be outside of their shop and handing out flowers. Every one recieves two bouquets, one to keep and the other to give out. The idea of National Petal It Forward day is to express gratitude within one another. This is a way to exercise giving and receiving, and what better way than with flowers.

“First of all we want to recognize the importance of gratitude. We want to recognize you know, the joy of giving. The joy of receiving,” Imlay added.

To learn more about National Petal It Forward, visit the Society of American Florists’ website at


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