ODNR Division of Wildlife Discusses Coyotes

Coyote 1

ZANESVILLE, OH – Coyotes are common throughout all of Ohio’s 88 counties in both urban and rural settings. With breeding season well underway, coyotes may seem more apparent in your neighborhood.

Coyotes primarily prey on small mammals such as rabbits and mice. Smaller household pets may also be at risk if left unattended. Keep small dogs and cats inside, especially around dawn or dusk.

“Stay with them. Especially during that active time that I mentioned, the early morning early evening. If you take your pets out before you go to work to take them for a walk or let them do their business, stay with them. If you feel that you have to be concerned about a coyote in the area,” Assistant Wildlife Management Supervisor Chris Smith said.

If you identify coyotes on your property remove all possible attractants to deter them from returning. Coyotes are curious but generally fearful of humans, a loud noise or bright light is generally enough to scare one off.

“Occasionally you get a coyote that has become kind of bold and takes advantage of what people might leave for it. As far as food items, like if you leave your trash out or if you’re grilling out and you don’t clean up around your grill. Things like that can attract them to come closer to your home. And you know if a coyote gets used to finding things like that it’s going to count on those things for food and such. So that’s usually when you get a nuisance situation.”

If you become concerned about a coyotes behavior you can contact a nuisance trapper for assistance. For more information you can visit the ODNR Division of Wildlife website, http://www.wildohio.gov.

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