Ohio #4 In The Nation For Craft Beer Production

Weasel Boy Brewery

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Local breweries have been opening all across the state. In fact, Ohio is the 4th leading state in craft beer production.

Weasel Boy Brewery is one of almost 3 hundred breweries in the state. Weasel Boy is coming up on their 12th anniversary. Co-owner Jay Wince said they stick to their roots in brewing, to keep them separated from the rest.

“Our focus was always on very balanced styles, easy drinking, moderate alcohol. I think now, just kind of by accident, that is why we stand out because we’ve kept our alcohol volumes lower, our styles are more traditional styles. We haven’t jumped on the band wagons of you know what’s the next greatest thing. We’ve kind of stuck to our guns and we like the beer that’s been around a couple hundred years,” said Wince.

Wince said the beers take between two to three weeks to produce from start to finish. They offer four year round beers and they mix in seasonal brews such as October Fest. Wince said they also have a mango wheat beer that is being released today.

“We have four year round beers. We have an American blonde ale, a Scottish style ale, more of a British style stout, and then our American IPA. Those are our four year rounds. Then through the season we offer a lot of different styles,” added Wince.

Weasel Boy Brewery also makes a mango float, which is their mango wheat beer with mango sorbet from Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl.

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