Old Timers Add Members to Hall of Fame

Old Timers

It was a special Monday night for a special group. The Muskingum Valley Old Timers Association held their annual Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

As family and friends looked on ten new members were inducted into the hall including Dana Lewis, Paul Slack, Dustin Rock, Phil MacLaine, Mick Amicone, Kraig Patterson, Mike Gutridge, Nate Worthington, Matty Lynn and Brian Garret.

Muskingum Valley Old Timer’s Commissioner Pat Bollinger shared his congratulations to the income hall members.

“To me personally this is the greatest honor you can get being a Muskingum Old Timers Association Baseball Hall of Fame,” said Commissioner Bollinger. “All these kids grew up playing from Babe Ruth, up to 60 years old they played in our league. The Old Timers try to give back to the people who gave to us over the years so we could have a good league for our kids.”

One of this year’s recipients spoke about his playing days.

“During those nine years I was a great centerfielder. I call myself great only because it was what I loved. Centerfield was my position. I took that up after my idol Stan Musial. He played centerfield for the St. Louis Cardinals. My goal was to play professional baseball, but I wasn’t good enough obviously.”

This is the 34th year for the Hall of Fame.

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