Potential Redesign to Muskingum County Flag

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ZANESVILLE, OH — The Muskingum County flag may get a redesign.

The Muskingum County Commissioners held a meeting with Caleb Silvia, a West Muskingum Graduate and Sophomore at Heidelberg University, about the state of our county flag’s design and potential of a redesign in the future.

“I spoke with the commissioners about possibility adopting a new flag and kind of what that entails. We looked at kind of the history of our current flag and kind of where it came from and the symbolism of it and then looked at how they might adopt a new flag and maintain that symbolism, that history,” Silvia said.

The current Muskingum County Flag was designed by the residents of the county in 2002. They incorporated significant areas of economic development into their design. Agriculture, the pottery industry, and the coal mining industry are depicted as well as The Wilds nature preserve, Lorena Sternwheeler and The Y-Bridge, finishing with the Underground Railroad.

“So depending on if they decide to or not I think it could definitely bring in some new people and be a symbol that kind of really is synonymous with the county and sticks out and bring us new people to the community,” Silvia said.

Silvia is hoping that the meeting will move forward with a commissioning of a new flag design or a community wide design contest in the near future.

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