Santa’s Elves at the Colony Square Mall

Silver And Belle 1

ZANESVILLE, OH – If you have been to the Colony Square Mall recently, you may have seen a couple of Santa’s Elves running around spreading Christmas cheer.

Silver and Belle are part of Santa’s Elite Lookout Force, or ELF for short. At the mall they have been tasked with spreading the joy of Christmas, if you can’t make it to the mall Silver and Belle can visit you virtually.

“We’re mainly at the mall but we’re doing virtual visits, and you can checkout our website to do that… You go to and you can find ways to send us letters, ways to schedule a virtual visit, ways to get an in-person visit, and everything in-between… Definitely make sure to check out our virtual visits because it’s really hard for Santa to get to some places this year. We want to make sure that people have a way to tell Santa what they want for Christmas through the Elves,” Silver the Elf said.

Silver and Belle can be found passing out candy, having snowball fights, and keeping track of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. This year especially they say it’s important to spread Christmas cheer.

“This year has not been kind to anyone. Santa’s even having troubles and we’re just trying to make sure that everybody can still have Christmas cheer because we need it now more than ever. So that’s why we’re here and we’re doing virtual visits to make sure that we can still reach out to everybody that we can. Kids and adults, and everybody so that way everybody can still have that Christmas cheer and still be safe and have a great great Christmas,” Belle the Elf said.

If you would like a virtual visit from Silver and Belle or would like more information on the Elite Lookout Force you can visit their website,

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