So You Wanna Be A Nurse?

Local middle-schoolers interested in nursing got a first-hand look at their potential career today at Ohio University Zanesville.

“So You Want to be a Nurse?” allowed more than 20 area kids to learn from OUZ nursing students important skills used in nursing. They’re hoping the kids decide to follow through and become a nurse.

“I hope so. We’ve had several in our first group that say that they want to be a nurse just like people in their family or like they see people here,” says Laura Mohler, OUZ nursing student.

The kids learned how to take blood pressure, give injections, lead a healthy life and deal with stress. The camp was a learning experience for both the middle-schoolers and the OUZ students.

“It does and that’s one big aspect that we need to know, because as people grow they have kids and we need to know how to deal with all types of kids sick, healthy, it’s a good learning tool,” says Mohler.

OUZ faculty say they have seen middle-schoolers who attended “So You Want to be a Nurse?” join the nursing program after graduation.

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